Transparency policy

Most all products in shalom-shalom-shalom shop are produced on demand. This means that we use third party systems and suppliers to design, produce and ship our products. And in this process, the pricing and profit of each product is affected. Well, the 65 % of all prices goes to paying all the mentioned services above. The other 35 % is the profit on which we work and get paid a long with our affiliated ambassadors. 

This 35% pays 5% off each product/purchase with an ambassador discount code + 5% commission on each product/purchase to an ambassador 5% commission on each product/purchase to our ambassador hosting platform (another third party service). The remaining 20% is our profit, from which we pay our workforce (mainly designer and marketing manager), web hosting and domain, sponsored ads on our facebook and google page, and to buy and pay the different tools and platforms we use to do a great job.

So as you can see this is not a free ride for no one. We are here to join hands and make things work not to get rich over night, but to patiently grow together in getting a dignified income. And moreover, it is our desire to make a good team for the honour and glory of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Just like in music and so many other things we need to use all our talents to build and flourish the kingdom of God. So, let us keep our eyes on the aim and message.

The following are important information about shalom-shalom-shalom

What is Shalom-shalom-shalom? Shalom-shalom-shalom is an online store that sells Christian-based products. The name came up from one of (the servant of God who started shalom-shalom-shalom) Daisy’s favourite songs they always sing on the choir of the church Santa Cruz on the island of Providence: SHALOM PARA TI.

The pitch – At shalom-shalom-shalom we design, create, and make products to encourage Christians to bring the word of God to their everyday lives.

The slogan – On Fire for Jesus.

The message – Bring the word of God to your everyday life and nourish your inner peace.

Our aim – is to remind Christians how the word of God enables us to defeat the evil of this world as Jesus did: “Be gone, Satan! For it is WRITTEN, 'You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve'” - Matthew 4:8–11

Our vision – Surplus from sales will be designated to do charity work in the Archipelago of Saint Andrew, Providence and Saint Catherine that was recently hit by the Iota Hurricane on category 5, leaving every family affected and with the struggle of re-starting life in the middle of a world pandemic situation.