Ambassadors legal notice

Welcome to shalom-shalom-shalom ambassador program. The following is a legal notice about the ambassador affiliate program.


What is shalom-shalom-shalom ambassador?

Shalom-shalom-shalom ambassador is a program that offer you the opportunity to sell our products and help us achieve our aim: To remind Christians how the word of God enables us to defeat the evil of this world as Jesus did – “Be gone Satan! For it is WRITTEN ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve’” – Matthew 4:8-11. 

What is shalom-shalom-shalom ambassador is not?

Shalom-shalom-shalom ambassador program is not a job offer but rather an affiliate program that gives you the opportunity to earn a little extra income or to earn as much as you decide you will through commission from each sale.

Pros of the program:

The pro of the program is that you are totally free to decide when do you work, how do you work[1], and how much you want to earn? There is no limit of how much you must earn, as you earn the right to plan and decide that yourself. Moreover, you are stress free from deadlines and heavy assignments.

Cons of the program:

There are perhaps one cons if we can consider it as such, and it is that the program is not a job offer and therefore there is no work contract or fast salary involved, well you can only earn what comes from your sales.

Who can be a shalom-shalom-shalom ambassador?

  • Active Christians bloggers or with an active Christian FaceBook group or any other SoMe group managers in general, who are not a shame of the gospel and are rather spreading the word of God and the work of Jesus among us today.
  • Active Christians off-line who are not a shame of the gospel and are rather spreading the word of God and the work of Jesus among us today.
  • Christians community leaders or anything similar both online and offline, for example, churches and missionary groups, Sunday school teachers, etc., who are not a shame of the gospel and are rather spreading the word of God and the work of Jesus among us today.
  • Note: And these Christian must be full age according to their country rules and regulations. In most country the full age is 18.

How does it work?

You will be granted the right to create a personal code that has your unique shalom-shalom-shalom ID. Whit this code you are given 5% off each product for you and/or your contacts, family and friends purchases, plus you will get the right to earn 5% from each purchase you make and/or from each sale that comes to shalom-shalom-shalom through your code.  

About the product(s) and service(s): 

We sell both physical and digital products. You can do your enquiries on the sales sites. Some products are designed and/or made by Daisy McLean, while others are ready-made.

What do you need to become an ambassador?

  • You must be an active Christian (there is no need to prove your active Christian status, this is between you, God, and Jesus. However, there are some standard questions in the test that will prove us at shalom-shalom-shalom if you are called to do be a part of our ambassador team. Well, we must have in mind that maybe God has another task designated for you for the glory and honour of His Name).
  • You must be committed to spread God’s word (and tell people in your contact, or on your blog and/or on your FaceBook/SoMe group/page about our aim)
  • You must make time to explore your toolbox to learn how to become and operate as an ambassador. You must also make time to connect with us through e-mail and other connections means just to keep the teamwork going in a uniform manner. However, this is also something you can partly manage on your own timing.
  • You must have a personal PayPal account to collect your earnings/commissions.
  • You must have basic internet skills to manage your ambassador site:
  1. Sign-up and/or Login to your ambassador site.
  2. Collect your promo code and share it with potential buyers and followers of shalom-shalom-shalom aim and site.
  3. Track your sales so you can have an insight on your earnings.
  4. Get paid-out by sending us your PayPal email.
  5. See your commissions to pay out.
  6. See commission that is already paid out.
  • You are suggested to plan your earnings by setting up a monthly goal.
  • You must be active, creative, innovative to promote our aim and sell and earn your own cash through commission.
  • You are recommended to share your success tips in the forum ‘Shalom Teamwork’ with the team, as this will give us all the privilege to build a solid, uniform and strong team who are helpful to each other. United we stand!

What do you do as an ambassador?

Mainly promote our aim and products (and upcoming service) to your contacts and friends on your FaceBook/Instagram or any SoMe, by e-mail, SMS and in person. This you can for example do through any SoMe post where you will share your promo code. You are also required to collaborate with other ambassadors in the ‘Shalom Teamwork’ forum. And last and for most, your written content in every post/promotion manner must include some/all necessary information about shalom-shalom-shalom that you are given in the ToolBox, and please include a disclaimer with your FaceBook/SoMe post such as #shalom_ambassador as well.  

What do you not do as an ambassador?

  • You do not make false claims about our products.
  • You do not spam people with your promo code.
  • You do not promote our products in sexual, violent, illegal, or political materials.
  • You do not create confusion or misrepresent shalom-shalom-shalom name/brand.
  • You do not promote information about our prices in your post since prices they may be changed often in accordance with production cost.
  • Do not use third party content you are not authorised to use to promote our products. You are responsible to get the authorisation for any third-party content that you use.

What does shalom-shalom-shalom offer to ambassadors?

  • A self-made promo code that gives 5% off for each purchase you or your contacts make under your promo code. Plus give you 5% commission for each purchase you or a customer has made under your promo code.
  • Shalom-shalom-shalom logo.
  • Shalom-shalom-shalom transparency policy to build trust and respect in the team and focus on the aim and the message. 
  • A mini-ToolBox that contains:
  1. A guide to sign-up and start your own business as an ambassador
  2. A guide to set up your PayPal account
  3. Contact information for guidance and motivation in the journey.
  4. Start out tips to achieve your goals (be active in the forum - ‘Shalom Teamwork’ and get more tips along the journey).
  5. Necessary information about shalom-shalom-shalom that you must add to your marketing material, for example – FaceBook or SoMe post and stories, when promoting our products and trying to make your sales.

Intellectual property rights:

  • We may use your information, photo, and content in our marketing. As an ambassador you grant shalom-shalom-shalom a worldwide, irrevocable, sub-licensable, non-exclusive license to use any content creates in any manner, in whole or in part, in perpetuity. This includes, but is not limited to social media, advertising, publications, marketing material, or any other form of media.
  • These terms will allow us to share your ambassador's content in emails, on our website, or on our own social media platforms.
  • You are granted the right to use our content. That way you can legally promote and represent our brand.
  • As an ambassador you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited license to use our company's name, logo, slogans, promo codes, and other advertising material solely for the purpose of promotion.
  • We restate that shalom-shalom-shalom retains all ownership rights to our content, logo, slogans, message, and advertising material.


Shalom-shalom-shalom can terminate the relationship with the ambassador at any time, for any reason, with or without cause with 30 days written notice.

Ambassadors can terminate the relationship with the ambassador at any time, for any reason, with or without cause with 30 days written notice.

This means that all limited licenses of shalom-shalom-slalom’s material such as photos, logo, branding, slogan, etc., shall be terminated and the ambassador will no longer represent shalom-shalom-shalom.

Liability limitations

Shalom-shalom-shalom uses a third-party program – convertout, to provide the affiliate program to ambassadors. Shalom-shalom-shalom do not have any control over convertout affiliate program or system. Therefore, shalom-shalom-shalom is not directly responsible if the program breaks or something goes wrong with your ambassador site. However, we are here to help and do our best for teamwork sake, so we can get in touch with convertout and find out what can be done. The issues are always fixed shortly and all gets back to normal.

 Other things you are required to do:

Stay tuned in the forum ‘Shalom Teamwork’ for more tips and guide to build your goal reaching plan.

Invitation to sporadically meetings to strengthen up as a teamwork (you will be informed at least one to two weeks before the upcoming meeting).

There is help and guide anytime you need it. Just LIVE Chat with us on WhatsApp or messenger from our Home Page.

You are voluntary open to other types of Christian related collaboration and commission-based task with us.

Transparency policy (and our aim and message)

Read our transparency policy (and our aim and message) here. You will also receive this policy attached in your toolbox.

Changes to this ambassador legal notice:

  • Shalom-shalom-shalom reserves the right to change this ambassador legal notice at any time. You will be updated about this information in due time.

This term of use shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the English language, regardless of any translations made for any purpose whatsoever.


[1] Though there are some free of charges guidelines, DIY courses and e-mail feedback that you are offered initially and along the way.