The righteousness of God is not of this world

  • Jesus said to John the Baptist, baptize me even when you think I don’t need it. Because all that is written about me must be fulfilled so that God’s righteousness/honor/respect can happen through my work. Well, Jesus was at work just like we all must be for the kingdom of God. And Jesus always show us that he do not live or do anything if not through God’s will and approval. This he did until the cross of Calvary, where he fulfilled his work on earth and achieved full grace and favor in God’s sight before men and the world. Jesus defeated the devil, the world and the flesh and achieved righteousness through the word of God.
  • I heard a preacher said once: righteousness is living an upright life. A holy life on earth. But when Jesus was on earth and said this to his disciples, his disciples replied: who can fulfill all that is required to live Holy before God? Jesus replied: no one (not even the disciples that were taught and instructed by Jesus), well it is all depend upon God’s mighty power and mercy. Jesus said, absolutely nothing is impossible for God, but whatever we ask for, we must ask in the mighty name of Jesus. The only name that God our creator and father has lifted over all from the beginning of all times to eternity: JESUS.
  • So, as we can see righteousness is living in accordance to God’s word, even when things may not make any sense or hang together in today’s world. The ones who persevere until they find favor in God’s sight becomes a righteous man. When God favor you no one can interfere. No one can stop God’s mighty hands and power. Therefore, there is nothing worth more than to live in accordance to God’s word, even when we fall over and over we must raise again and again, in repentance, hating our wrong deeds and past decisions. Standing up and marching on to the promises of God.
  • So, how do I know what righteousness I am required to do? The holy scriptures of God’s word is my only source of knowledge to this. It is not a book to just read, but the only best practice manual of life that we must research, analyze and apply to our lives, through the mighty power of Jesus in prayer, supplication, thanksgiving, worship, honor and respect to God our father and creator, just as Jesus has taught us. Asking always for God’s mercy to help, protect us and guide us to salvation in Christ Jesus, all this through the mighty name of Jesus. Amen 

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