The parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-23)

Why does Jesus teach us in parable?

R/ Because the secrets of the kingdom of heaven are not revealed to all people. Well, God cannot reveal such secrets to us if our hearts have become calloused, explains Jesus in the parable. And our hearts become calloused every time we have chosen to close our hearts, eyes, and ears against the word of God, the source of life in the greatness and fulfilment of God for our lives. However, Jesus says, that if we seek God with repentance, and ask for feeling, sight and hearing, then God will hear us and heal us.


Without God we are stuck and sick in the flesh. With God we are free and always ready to give good fruits. And we can only come to God through his word in Jesus our redeemer.


We cannot bare good fruits or produce for the kingdom of heaven if we are not revealed ‘the secrets of the kingdom of heaven.’ This revelation depends 100% on our choices in life. Jesus explains in the parable that we will not be able to embrace neither produce the word of God if we have chosen not to hear, see or feel. And unfortunately, we have chosen to close our eyes, ears, and heart every time we have gotten caught up or heard or seen the negative circumstances that surrounds us. There is where we depart from God the most and ask where God is and why he permits such things to happen. But is God the ruler and doer of evil? Does God want us to fail?


Jesus teaches us that unless we acknowledge that on the one side we have God, our father and maker, who has created us for greatness and wants nothing but the best for us. Then in the other side is the evil force that destroys all good in and around us with the intention to make us feel and live hopeless. Then we will never understand that our best choice in life is to always seek repentance and turn to God, our father and maker to receive all the blessings He has for us in life.


At this point I pray for the following:


I pray and ask Jesus to help us make the right choices in life and to life, so that we may be able to seek God’s face and mighty power over our life. We plead on the blood of Jesus that He will walk us through all understanding of the word of God so that we may grow in faith with open ears, eyes, and heart to the words of God. And that we will be revealed the secrets of the kingdom of God so that we will be abled to produce fruits for the kingdom of God.


I ask all this in the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen!

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