Safeguard your heart (Instructed through Yesenia Then ministry)

Put your heart on the things of the kingdom of God, our Father in Heaven. It is not a simple petition and phrase in the Holy Bible, but rather, it is one of the most sublime way of God’s protection upon his people and the ones who obey and fear Him. It is guidance from the traps of the enemy of our souls. Well, the enemy cannot touch a devoted and sacred heart to God and to the things that belong to God. 


In the Old Testament we read of Israel as the most powerful nation because of their trust and honor and fear of God. Israel is untouchable by the enemy because they have chosen to obey God before men. They refuses to worship no other God but the living God and Creator. And they has passed down all these great teachings from generation to generation. And that made them the strongest and undefeatable nation on earth. 


They are unstoppable, but the Bible teaches us in Numbers chapters 22, 23 and 24 how Balack, the king of Moab had used all his forces to destroy the nation of Israel, to the point of hiring the prophet Balaam to curse the israelís. 


But the word of God says, Balaam was stopped on his way to Moab by a messenger of God to warn him of the wrong he was going to commit against God and against himself, well, it it was not by the mercy of God he would be killed by the messenger of God on his way to Moab.


Balaam has received the message that Israel is untouchable and has delivered the message to the king of Moab from the Lord. And for the redemption of the sin Balaam was going to commit, he ended up blessing Israel, and the Bible says, that God was pleased. 


However, the enemy of our souls has seen that it was impossible to take down Israel, so he went after their hearts. And the great temptation was targeted upon their flesh. They were surrounded with beautiful women from Moab and couldn’t resist the temptation. In Numbers chapter 25 we read how they had bitten the apple and felt from the grace and favour of the Lord. And the word of God says, they died because of turning away from God. They messed up with the beautiful women of Moab who have invited and got the Israelis to worship other God’s and live in accordance to their ungodly culture and traditions. There is even an exact number of how many died of a great pestilence. 


So, my brother in Christ, do not fully rely on that you are fully covered. There is a Jamaican song that says, 'who God bless, no men no ah test', but I say unto you today, the enemy of our souls is scanning you 24/7/365 to see how he can bring you down. And one of the most if not the most vulnerable part of you is your heart. So, be careful of what you desire in your heart. Be always on alert testing and analyzing the opportunities that life presents to you. Make sure every thing you do pleases the Lord our God. Pray always for direction and to ask God to make His way in the midst of any situation, as it is the will of God and not ours that must be done. 


In Jesus Holy Name. Amen  


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