My humble cry for divine help (Revindication)

Father in Heaven!

Please, if I may find favour in your sight, place me on higher grounds with green pastures and fresh water, so, that I may be able to grasp and earn the Holy Gift of Salvation, and inherit it to my son and his descendent. It is the greatest gift of all.


I have disobeyed you Father and my lips have been speaking deceitfully…

I have compromised my integrity thinking, saying, doing, and omitting wrongs.

I have strayed away from you out in the wilderness and darkness of this world, exposing myself to harmful situations and evil-minded people, bringing distress for my soul and my life, that have made me bitter and resentful. And while I am living like that, I lost sight of Your Holy Spirit upon my life. I can’t come into Your presence, fully and truly. Please give me strength to overcome situations of endless torment and find my way out to safer grounds.


Forgive me my wrong ways, transform my heart from the wrong choices I have been caught up into because of following the world wicked and nasty ways.


Thank you for the Gift of Repentance, please hang it on me as a necklace so I will never depart from it.


Thank You for Your love and caring. Well just like Daniel, You have kept me free from the mouth of the lions that surrounds me to destroy me. And just like David, You give me arms to shut down my many Goliaths. How can I thank You for so many undeserved recues and the unconditional love You have for me, sweet and merciful Father.


With open arms I plead on the mighty and powerful Blood of Jesus for guidance, protection, peace, and love in my life and my son’s life (and my husband’s life) from now on. So, that i may be able to fulfil the greatest work I have ever been given: Being a godly mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend, pursuing righteousness for the sake of Your honour and glory, merciful Father.


Teach me how to become a righteous person in Your sight, because to be honest, I do not know how to, though my soul longs for it. Favour me and my little son (and my household) with the wisdom of fearing, honouring, and respecting you for who you are: Almighty God, Father in Heaven, and Creator of the Universe. Favour my household with divine safety, that surpassed the wicked security of the world. Bless us and make us one in Jesus.


Thank you for sending Jesus to redeem us and save us from our sins.


Bless me, use me and may your will and not mine be done in my life and my household.


I place this case in Your hands Father, in the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen!




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