Monster Iota: The power of prayer (little David) vs fear (giant Goliath)

Iota came with all its might upon the islands of Providence and Saint Catherine on the 16 of November 2020. This monster hurricane of category 5 destroyed the infrastructure of the island on a scale of 99,9%. Many was taken by surprise, as the national news and weather forecast announced that is was only a little tropical storm. So, the preparation for survival was minimum to nothing.


These two little islands are the hometown of Daisy McLean. Who lives in Denmark since 2012. She was in contact with her family and friend via WhatsApp, living every single moment of fear of her people, cheering up, giving love and positive energies in the middle of one of the greatest uncertainty ever lived by her people. The international weather forecast was showing something totally different of what they had been told by the national weather forecast. However, Daisy and her Danish husband did not want to feed the fear of the people, instead, they recommend safety above all. Houses of concrete are a must under any circumstance of threat, says Daisy to her family and friends. Secure all the things of value, because what is heading there is not looking so good, she said to her mother. Still, at that time, the international weather forecast was only showing a hurricane that was intensifying to category 3.


Iota was a very slow and lazy one. Moving so slow and at the same time intensifying its strength. People houses were destroyed already, by the powerful winds even when Iota was many miles from its arrival to the islands. And as Daisy sit and watch videos and photos posted on the social media, by my people back home, she knew that what they were going to face was mass destruction. Therefore, she wrote to her mother and siblings, who live on the beach of the southern part of Providence Island, that they must find a hiding place of concrete and pray to God for their lives, as material things can be retrieved, but life is only one.


So, her mother and siblings head to a sister house that is supposed to be strong and is made of concrete. But surprising, that house was not safe in front of the magnitude of Iota. This monster natural phenomenon slowly kick in and sat its eyes right over the middle of the islands and in the space of four hours it turned into category 4. At that time, all communication with the islands where already lost. And then, the last word, in fear and despair, that Daisy heard from her mother was: ‘’God will not give us more than we can bare. God will spare our lives’’. She knew that Iota was a very furious one. She could hear the monster winds and the flying items all over.


Two days in despair and fear, but Daisy still had hope her people survived. No communication with the island. Not a sign of survival, but she still hoping to listen to her people’s voice again. Finally, President Duque announced that the lazy monster of Iota has completely left the islands but there is poor hope for survival. So, they took off from Bogota in an army aircraft with 4000 plus bags to recollect dead bodies. But their plan changed when they arrived at the islands. Only two deaths, which have occurred by their own negligence, as they have made wrong and unnecessary choices before safety.


For those who have red the story of David and Goliath, as huge as fear can get, nothing or no one can overcome the mighty power of God. So, keep praying, keep blessing, keep reading the words of God and keep hoping for the best. Thanks be to Jesus our guide to safer grounds and redeemer.


And I am closing this testimony saying this phrase of a song of Don Moen, a Gospel singer from the USA: God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Glory is to God in Jesus Holy Name, Amen & Amen.



Daisy's Islands after hurricane Iota please listen to what the final lady says. For those who cannot understand Spanish she says: We see a new light with all the help that has come to us, it is the light of HOPE.

Wonderful is the gift of hope from our almighty God in Heaven through and with Jesus. Amen!

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