Mom, what’s happening?

One morning as I was driving to the town of Roskilde, two gangsters got on the bus.

They seemed like two calm people. They were friendly with each other, and laughing, and joking with each other…

Suddenly, there was a shout and a f*** word. They started a quarrel out of nowhere:

  • Let’s fix this right now, one shouted.
  • You really want to get in trouble, the other one replied.

And as the argument has gotten hotter and hotter, the bus driver is seemed to get ready to stop the bus and throw them off. He watched every movement for signs of danger for the other passenger.


My little two years old asked what was taking place? To keep it safe, I just replied: ‘’All will be ok, don’t be afraid, as I always have told you: Jesus is taking care of us.’’ Nevertheless, he was still concern about the shouting. He knew that something was not ok.


I started to pray and ask God to cover my boy and I. I thought of gun shooting and all a gangster could end up doing. I thought of my baby experiencing bloodshed right before his little eyes. And I prayed even more for God to send us help.


After an almost endless and heated argument, a presence of peace invaded the bus. We all were at rest and safe. Then for a while, we heard laughter and apologizes. And at the one to last bus stop, the two ringed the bell to get off the bus. But the most beautiful thing during all this experience, is that as they approached the door to head off the bus, one of the gangsters walked up to my boy and said: ‘Sorry that you have had to experience this little friend.’ Then he apologized to the bus driver and the rest of passengers and left.


Brothers in Christ. While I was praying only for my son and I to be safe, God has showed up and taken care of every person on the bus. And God’s main concern was to stop the root of the danger. Therefore, he brought peace between the two gangsters. How amazing is this lesson that I have received that day? It is remarkable and unforgettable.


Brothers in Christ. Let us encourage each other to pray both for ‘’the good’’ and for ‘’the bad.’’ In God’s sight no one is worthy more than the other. There is no such thing as the perfect man, or little sin or best sinner. The thief that has stolen a candy is as guilty as the thief who has robbed a bank. Well, they have one thing in common: They both are thieves.


We all are guilty in the sight of God - Romans 3:9-18

But those who has faith in Jesus and remain in his word shall obtain everlasting forgiveness - Romans 3:21-26


So, Glory is to God, we all are also worthy of his mercy through Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Jesus. You are our saving grace!


Stay bless in Jesus Holy and Precious Name. Amen!

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