Modern or Desensitized Women

Have you ever been chased by a mad hen because you come too close to her little chickens? Or have you ever seen a grumpy old sow giving signs of attack if someone approaches her young pigs? Or have you ever been near a she dog that has just given birth? Well, it is one of the most sublime lessons life could ever give to us as human.


It is so beautiful to see how elephants protects their young ones with all their might and force. For instance, research has shown that elephant may be the most protective moms on the planet. Moms and children usually travel together in a circle with the youngest member on the inside, to protect him from predators. If one child becomes an orphan, the rest of the herd will adopt him.


The natural bond between animal moms and babies is naturally amazing. Animal babies communicate with their parents and parents connects right away. In fact, a baby bird chirp to tell their parents that they are hungry. Animal moms do all that they can to protect their young ones from predators. Some animals have pouches to carry their babies. Many animals produce milk for their babies. Animal moms teaches their babies grate skills of survival, among other, TO LOVE & PROTECT. And this is passed on from generation to generation and has perpetuated the family.


Still, not all animal moms are so loving and caring as one would think. Well, among the hand full that fails to take care of their young ones, snakes have zero maternal instincts. They never even return to check on what happened to their eggs.


Passing down the gift of love and protection from generation to generation in the animal kingdom is in general the most amazing lesson for human mothers. However, in the women world love and protection varies from woman to woman. Well, though no one is perfect, motherhood is not a well-received or a well-performed task in every woman.


Some babies are abandoned on their very first day of existence. Illusive mothers prefer not to breastfeed so that they can preserve their 90-60-90 figure. Other mother takes their babies to day-care due to career and work-related matters (and not to mention the equality non-sense that brings even more confusions). And though there could be plenty of solutions from our politicians, single and widowed mothers have no other choice but to leave their child(en) at a day-care, while modern women does it because it is trendy and makes the system rich and powerful. Modern women? Equality? Or snakes? Where in history have, we been desensitized? And how did this happen to us?


Some countries support women as mothers and keeper of their homes. And as long the task is done with love and caring: Be bless and stay bless – this is God´s will. Other countries, unconsciously has invisible tramps, with their civilized systems that forces women to leave their homes and children, so that the monetary system can be fed. And then they call themselves – Rich Country. Is this wise modern country? Is this really all about equality? Or money? Equality starts by allowing women to be who she was meant to be by the only God our mighty creator. Shame on you, building riches by going against a natural bond that God our creator has established from the beginning of time. Shame on you working against the law of love. Cannot you see how our society is going down with so many unfed, unloved, and abandoned babies walking around in life? Cannot you see the damage to our young ones and the adults of today? Well, we are becoming more and more selfish, and it is because we haven’t been allowed to learn to love. And do you care, anyway system men? Well, it does not seem so.


Anyhow, it is a mother thing this: So women, you who know, deep in your heart that you were call to motherhood through the natural bond God has created: Get up and fight like a mad hen for her chickens, like a she-dog that has just given birth or like a grumpy old sow beside her little pigs, and say: NO MORE OF THIS MADNESS, WE ARE CLAIMING EQUALITY; WE ARE CHOOSING LOVE AND WE ARE PRIORITIZING TAKING CARE OF OUR YOUNG ONES.


Wonderful, protective, and caring moms out there, continue putting time and love in your little one. Full your heart with joy and rest assure that God is with you on this journey. The key to success is prayer and the word of God. So, get on the royal telephone and talk to God about your matters as a mother. Ask in Jesus Holy Name. Amen!

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