Meeting people -Life Quiz

In life you meet all types of people:

    • Wise people (who do not fear God nor respect Jesus)
    • Ignorant people (who claims they know it all)
    • Glad people (who are not connected to life)
    • Sad people (who do not even know to spell H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S)
    • Angry people (who even get mad after their own shadow)
    • Calm people (who allows everybody to shit on them)
    • Decent people (with every word they add an F*** and R****)
    • Ordinary people (who do not know anything about life)
    • Envious people (who are ready to kill to become like the neighbor)
    • Backstabbing people (who smile in your face and set up traps for you)
    • Egoist people (who gives a shit about others as long as they are O.K)
    • Open-handed people (who only give away what is not good for anyone)
    • Narrow-minded people (who live in a circle with mirrors all around)
    • Open-minded people (who only think of money and getting rich and powerful - to become their own master


And the list can go on and on… the bad/sad news is, we are all people and prone to become all types of people.


I have learned recently, that even common sense is given to us by the grace of God. Glory is to God in Jesus Name.


The challenge is how to be surrounded by the wrong people who will never reflect anything good to our lives or to our children's lives. In fact, people today are deliberately far from wanting to be God's people, and they will expect us active Christians to become like them. Otherwise we are in deep trouble with fellowship. Nevertheless, the problem is not to have to deal with all types of people. The problem is how we keep those lions within us sleeping while we nourish and grow our faith in Christ Jesus, our Saviour. We need to pray for each other and bless each other as human beings. 


Share your experience. Write a comment bellow and tell how you deal with this without your spiritual life been bothered or shaken? And is that possible? Well, the Bible says, everything is possible in Christ Jesus.


I get very discourage about fellowship when I can clearly see that people around me are out to get me because of my Christian believes. Their spiritual ignorance brings them to the point of rubbing off their insecurity and their bitterness on me. And they tries hard to bring me down. Therefore, I pray a lot during these times because I know in many occasion, they don’t even know what they are doing. But in other circumstances I am not really able to connect and understand them from a human perspective. Well, I consider people evil if they hurt me intentionally. Despite all this, there is one thing that never leaves me, and it is the conviction that God loves me and my family, and that he will send Jesus’s Holy Spirit to back me up anytime my family and I are under attack. Glory is to God. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen!


Blessings and stay tuned.  

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