Life reflexions - the perfect gift from U2U: Jesus is our strength

Reflection for my brothers in Christ. Admonition and revelation of the Holy Spirit even for me. Well, I'm just a messenger:

Evil always strikes unexpectedly. The Bible teaches us that evil is dark, without loyalty and without sincerity.

We must not be completely sure that we are good and clean of guilt. Rather our task is to plead to Jesus our redeemer every day to keep us on the right path. No one knows his/her own condition of life as a Christian, only Jesus. Therefore, Christian arrogance is a danger to all Christians today. We must trust our faith, our love for God and our faithful life before God our heavenly father in the hands of Jesus. He only is our strength and our light.

No one is fully good and clean of sins in the eyes of God, but a contrite, humiliated, and repentant heart that seeks the help of Jesus, our redeemer, every day. And who seeks Him with all the sincerity of our hearts, will be heard, welcomed, and guided by the Holy Spirit to honour and glorify God our Father in Heaven. All these thanks be to Jesus our redeemer.

Let us pray together: Jesus, merciful saviour! Humbled before you today we beg you to guide us, protect us, encourage us, forgive us, bless us at every step we take today so that our lives may be pleasant to God our Father, in our actions, in our thinking, in our speech and in what we omit. We ask this in your Holy Name, Jesus our redeemer.

Amen 🙏 Stay blessed in Christ Jesus!

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