Knowledge, our fate and the truth

Though knowledge is a gift from God, not all knowledge comes from God. But the real fact is, knowledge isn’t the truth and can’t be a person’s life. Therefore, it is very dangerous when people pursue certain types of knowledge as the truth. The fact is, the more erroneous knowledge we have, the harder it is to accept the truth. The more inaccurate knowledge we have, the more ambitious we become, which result can end tragically.


The truth is, we are created by God, and therefore, our fate, destinations and endings are ruled and arranged by God. This also means that no one can exceed God’s authority or sovereignty. This is proved by all mankind. However, many of us have chosen not to believe in God and instead rely on our own effort and knowledge to change our fates.


Let us examine ourselves and be true to ourselves:

What is our goal when we pursue knowledge?

Is it to rise above others and stand out in front of the crowd?

Is it to constrain others? It is to knock our chest proudly, saying there is no one like us?

Is it to climb up and step on others? Isn’t that arrogance and wrong ambition?


The Holy Bible tells us over and over: Mankind has been corrupted by Satan.

The corrupted mankind lives in sin… The corrupted mankind does not seek the truth from God our creator nor they accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


Why not seek God’s manifestation in our daily life?

It is not a coincidence that we weak up to the sunlight every morning.

Why not seek, praise, and accept God’s work?

Why not hope to receive God’s salvation?


It does not matter how much suffering we may endure, if we could just seek the truth, there will be hope for us to escape the torment of struggling in sin. We will escape Satan’s corruption, bondage and constrain. We will be completely safe by God and live in the light in peace, joy and harmony.


We were created to live a meaningful life. And once we pick up our Bibles every day and read it we will grow in understanding of God’s ruling power over every one of us fate. Prayer is our guide. Jesus is our strength. And finding favour in God’s sight will make us gain His approvals and blessings. Only the truth can change our fate. And a good fate starts with bowing down to God honouring Him for who He Is: The almighty God and Creator of the universe.  


So, unless we repent and accept that God has our fate in his hands, we will only end up in catastrophise.


To resume, our fate is planned and arranged by God a long time ago and we cannot change that. It does not matter if one is rich or poor, black or white, tall or short… We all need to accept God’s work and the truth, that’s the only way to accept and be happy with our fates. And after reading God’s words the Holy Spirit of understanding of the truth will be planted and fermented in our hearts like a fruitful tree. There is where we will learn and accept that believing in God is the right path in life!


May we all find favour in the sight of God to dwell in His secret places and under His guidance, protection, and mercy through Jesus our redeemer. Amen!

May God bless and guide the Church of almighty God in Jesus Holy Name. Amen!

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