Is knowing too much, a danger to our relationship with God?

Knowing already the solutions to our problems can block God’s manifestation in our lives.The word of God in Proverbs 3:5 warms us about relying on our own understanding, which can stray us away from the favor and grace of God upon our our lives. Well, God knows the way and we don't.


Seeing our fellow ones as our direct enemy will only bring confusion into our lives, well, the Bible explains in Ephesians 6:12, that our enemies are higher evil forces not flesh.


I publicly acknowledge, that knowing more than God is the greatest danger of all for mankind who thrives to seek God, as it will only draw us into the pit of darkness and everlasting death with no redemption. It is sin to confront God, our Creator, who knows it all. This we can read in Job chapter 40.


Father God, teach us to be still and know that you are our God, as you has commanded us in Psalm 46:10. Teach us to rely on your Holy Will for our lives. My little family needs you. Guide us, bless us and protect us from all evil in this world. Protect us even from ourselves and from the evil spirit of self-destruction. Favour us not only in knowing you but also in giving you the first place in our lives. And henceforth, to choose the things of your kingdom over all in this world. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen  

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