I place my case, I rest my case (A prayer to my Heavenly Father through Jesus my Redeemer)

Dear God, if I may find favour in your sight, please discipline me and rectify my ways not with the wrath and the rod, but with the mighty power, gift and favour of understanding, honouring and respecting you for who you are and for your ways of true life through Christ Jesus our saviour and remember. 


I have made many mistakes in life. I have shot my heart and ears to your guidance Father in heaven. I have ignored my wrong ways and the wrong situations around me, and all this has gotten infested with bitterness and anger and resentment. Now I am feeling weary and tired and trapped. 


May your favours reaches my heart and soul and life. Send your Holy Spirit of healing and wellbeing and peace. The same peace you has sent us through Jesus our redeemer. 


There are situations around me that I know are unnecessary and must be put aside. They are sent by the enemy to distract me and hold my Christian life on pause, as they do nothing but feed my anger and bitterness and resentment. Please father, if I am not relying on my own understanding and if these situations are there for some reasons that only you know, please bring the assurance of your purpose with them, so that I may be able to understand and work along. Well, all I can feel in my heart is that these situations and unnecessary people in our surrounding must be put aside because we all deserve peace and tranquillity no matter what. They need their own space to live the life they are used to and we need our space to flourish and nourish our little home and raise our boy, our greatest gift of all through Christ Jesus our lord and saviour. 


If I may find favour in your eyes dear Father, I will also ask you to restore the fear and respect of your mighty power in my little family. Please peace, love, respect, honor and trust in my matrimony. Please use my husband and I as a blessing and living example to our little son so that your will of making him a righteous man be done in his life. Heal the wounds in our lives, our souls, our home, our relationship, and our hearts. 


Forgive us that we both intentionally and unintentionally have hurt each other. Forgive us not listening to you but rather listening to our pride, ego and anger. Forgive us not inviting Jesus to step in the midst of our situations and instead managing it all on our own strength and understanding.


Please bring peace to our hearts. Please discipline us into rectifying our ways towards your ways of love, respect, patience, sincerity, and all the fruits of righteousness. 


Thank you for our saviour Jesus. Teach us how to invite Jesus into our lives and family and hearts and life situations, both to show gratitude and to seek divine help to learn and grow from our mistakes and be free from getting stuck in the past because of so many hurt. 


Bless us father and give us the gift of living a daily life hand by hand with Jesus. Give us long life to see the fruits of your wonderful promises such as seeing our little son become a man of righteousness and truth, who fear you and respect you for who you are dear God and father in heaven. Bless us with unity and peace and teach us how to safeguard our inner peace, teach us to be good gate holders of our home so we avoid having unwanted situations with people who simply do not fit into our lives and homes. As they come to dictate their (empty) ways of life (drinking deliberately, swearing, mocking, criticising, threatening, yielding and claiming the right to be rude and disrespectful saying they only speaking their minds, but don't I dare speak my mind and say STOP because then I don't understand the danish mentality). They declares themselves your enemy and do not want to hear about your word nor about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The simple act of love and patient from me to my son grieves them and give them the 'right?' to call me stupid and soft. Bring your wrath upon and through their tongues so that every time they open their mouth to oppress and degrade they may have a spoon taste of their own poison.

There is no way to compassion and love among themselves nor for their own child (my DH). They came with the only intension to eat up our/my strength and our/my time and our/my energy, and because I sincerely speak out and refuse to be submitted under their command (and asked them to take care of their own errands just s if they were living by themselves), they declare themselves my enemy and say where is your 'kind heart?'

The truth in the midst of this situation is that I have to stay focus and deal with what I should. I am marry to the product not the producers, and he is more than enough. My commitment is to him and mostly to taking care of our little one. In my book of understanding life and in God's word, they are an unnecessary plus in our family and household, and therefore, they must OUT. Both for their sake and peace and for our sake and peace. They have gotten their chance to 'raise' their boy(s), who must now sew his own path. And fortunately, not their way, but by the hands of Jesus, it will be God's way.


Keep all intruders and stealer of our hope, peace and love OUT, and teach us to welcome the blessed people into our lives, who will influence and impact our lives in a godly way with love, respect and peace. 

All this I am praying for in Jesus Holy and Precious Name and Blood. Amen 🙏 

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