I am back again

I have gotten an entire month of unplanned break and I am considering myself among the sower seeds that falls among the thorns. I am not strong enough to overcome the challenges and daily task. Hope someone out there who are in the same situation can give a little input with their testimony.


The truth is, we are moving and living on the strength of God, our maker. No good can come out of us if not through the help of Jesus. God sent Jesus to give us strength and to show us the way. So, unless we seek to learn about Jesus and how he can help us, we are no good to ourselves or to anyone.


Anyway, here I am again, ready to share my perspective and understanding and experiences about the word of God in my life. And from now on you will read a lot about my Bible studies with my little family (husband and son) in Lejre, Denmark.


Wishing you a blessed day and share in the comment boxes so that we all can grow together.


God bless you in Jesus Holy Name. Amen!

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