God is calling you: Women of God (poems of admonition, By Daisy McLean) Winter 2022

This message is for you who are a caring mother and wife, and who are searching for harmony in your life.


Sister, you are not where you are by your own personal choice.

Sister, you were called for greatness and to do the work of God.

Sister, you were chosen to edify and bless your descendent.

Sister, you are the source of life in your little home.


Sister do not faint at the many adversities; Jesus got your back.

Sister, wipe your tears and lift your head, Jesus got your back.

Sister, listen to the voice of God in your heart, Jesus holds your hands.

Sister, do your tasks as neat and clear as possible, and get ready for your recompense.


God has given you children to raise to edify his Kingdom.

God has given you a home for you to administrate well.

God has given you a husband so you both could join hands in creating a blessed and godly home.

God want you to stand up and fight the good fight to uplift your family to the highest blessing of all: TO BE SET A PART FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN JESUS HOLY NAME.


Women who are reading this poem. Do you feel the calling to raise Kingdom men and women? Pray, worship, and give God thanks in the Holy Name of Jesus. Do you not feel the calling? Pray and ask God to help you hear his instructions in the Holy Name of Jesus.

Let us pray for each other so we can hear the calling everyday. We need Jesus on our journey. We need to support and encourage each other as women to do the wonderful work of God in our homes. Hold our hands Lord Jesus, and guide us. Amen! 

God bless you in Jesus Holy Name. Amen!

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