Fruits for the kingdom of God

Studying the book of Genesis, I am not only learning how great and mighty our God and creator is, but there is a particular message that God has given to me, and to all who want to hear/read along. And it is not just a message, but necessary equipment for my/our calling, specially, for every parent and home/people-group-keeper as well. This message is in chapter 18, where the Lord Jesus visited Abraham and his household.


Abraham was not a perfect man. He had weaknesses, fears, and downfalls just like any other human being, but he has chosen to walk and live in righteousness, a life worthy of his calling before God. He had a pure and clean righteousness that starts with honouring and respecting God as the almighty creator and father in heaven. In the chapter 18 of the book of Genesis, we read and follow in the joy he felt receiving Jesus and two messengers from heaven visiting his home. He offered them the best of all he had. He gave them comfort and washes their feet. He spent time with them, telling them of his joyful moment and seeking always to making them comfortable. ‘’Oh, what an honour’’ he said, ‘’that my Lord and saviour divine has visited me.’’ The three men were pleased to stay the time it takes to enjoy and receive Abraham hospitality. Abraham made them the best food, baked the best of his cattle, gave them nice drinks, he washed their feet, and then he sat with them and tried his best to make them feel even more comfortable. And the three men were pleased and happy for the hospitality at Abraham’s place.


In contrast to Abraham’s wonderful experience, we read Lot visitation by the same three men in chapter 19. Here one can clearly see the difference of treatment. Lot was not blessed in the same manner as Abraham, well Jesus and the two messengers from heaven refuses to accept Lot’s hospitality. In fact, they weren’t there because of Lot, but because of Abraham plead for mercy upon Lot, when the destruction of Sodom and Gomora was revealed to him by God. Lot was Abraham’s nephew and he loved him a lot. He was always looking out for Lot, but this time it was Lot’s time to believe, trust and experience the love and mercy of God on his own, through obedience.


But why Abraham a man with weaknesses, fears, and downfalls just like any other human has been so blessed and favoured by the Lord? Why is he being chosen father of all nations (Genesis 17:4-7)? Well, Abraham just like all men with a household or with the dominion over people, was called to lead people to knowing and living a life worthy to God, and he did it joyfully, fearing, respecting, and honouring God. The Holy Scriptures says: ‘For I have chosen him, that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing righteousness and justice, so that the LORD may bring to Abraham what he has promised him. (Genesis 18:19).’ So, Abraham, not only did he obeyed God keeping the commandments, but he taught his household to honour and respect God for who He is. And this is what all men are called to do. We must bring people to Christ by our good choices in living in righteousness. We must bring our household to Christ in teaching and learning to be in communication and communion with God through prayer, reading the word of God, thanksgiving, repentance, and humbleness everyday of our lives.   


God equipped Abraham with spiritual eyes, ears, and a heart of flesh full of mercy and love for his household. He believed, honoured, and worshipped God our father and maker, and Jesus our saviour and redeemer, and he taught it all to his household, and he and his household was saved (Acts 16:31).


This is such a beautiful life in the security and love of God. So much so, that even when our world today is falling apart and our sin is deliberately done against the one and only true God, God is still calling you and me to do the beautiful work as Abraham and many more heroes in the Holy Scriptures have faithfully done.


Glory is to God, the alpha and omega, our creator who has given his only begotten son to die and raise from the dead to give us everlasting life, strength, courage and hope in God’s fulfilling and irreplaceable promises.


God love us and will never forsake us, but God cannot dwell where sin has become a daily tradition. And without God’s presence in our lives, we are nothing but targets for evil deeds and destruction.


Let us live a life worthy to the calling and task we have been entrusted. So, are you a mom? Be the best mom in Christ. Are you a wife? Be the best wife in Christ. Are you a friend? Be the best friend in Christ… and the list goes on.


God bless us and give us a bold spirit just as Abraham, Moses and Jesus, among others, to face and overcome the challenges that hindering us from living a righteous life before God. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

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