Fear (poems of admonition, By Daisy McLean) Winter 2022

What is fear? And why Jesus asks us to not be afraid?

I find myself often drifting off reality and a joyful life because of fear.

I weak up midnights thinking on the tomorrow and the now is vanished in a pot of anxiety.

Jesus said do not fear, oh what I joy and strength this will mean to my soul.

My heart, mind and soul are longing to have this word fermented in the debts of my essence. As it is by faith and not my chance that I fully believe and saved by God's word through Jesus our saviour divine.

Teach me to not fear Jesus. Fear is messing up my relationship with God our father. I need your help Lord Jesus. 

Fear is almost indescribable, but I define is as mental, physical, and spiritual crippleness.

Fear stops my breathing, so it is death itself.

Fear stops the body from perceiving its surroundings.

Fear makes the body function in opposition to what is was created for.

Fear numbs the body, trembles the heart and kill the feelings of the soul.

Fear disconnects us from God and from holding on to Jesus hands.

Fear orders the body to die and re-die and die again and again.

Fear accumulate toxins from top to toes.   

Fear tells me that life sucks.

Fear takes away my joy.

Fear disconnects me from people.

Fear is the root of all my stress and distress.


And the list goes on and on… well you can name it from your own experience.


Brothers in Christ. Fear is a Goliath we need to overcome.


Let us all offer a prayer and fasting or whatever the holy spirit tells you to do in name of freedom from fear through Jesus our redeemer. It is by talking to our father through Jesus our saviour divine, that we will find peace of mind and overcome fear.


Blessings in Jesus Holy Name, Amen!

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