Families! In Christ we stand

Sharing revelations through the word of God.

God ordered Nehemiah to build a wall around the city in order to protect his people from the attacks of the enemy. He warned Nehemiah that the enemy could attack at anytime and he should be prepared. Nehemiah obeyed God and ordered his men to be on alert. ‘The building continued as they worked with a brick in one hand and a weapon in the other’ (Neh 4:17).

Metaphorically, today this word still applies: God is ordering the gatekeeper of families to build a wall around his/her life partner and children. Because the enemy of our souls has a master plan: to destroy homes and with destroying homes he destroys the society, and with destroying societies bring down an entire nation.

God warns us every day of the attacks of the enemy and ask us to be prepared to resist and win this battle. Are you awake to understand the warnings? If not, I invite you to get a closer walk to God through Jesus our saviour and redeemer.

Families needs to be strong to fight the good fight. So as we continue a day by day life together, let us do it with love, patient and kindness, showing good examples to our children and making sure they are surrounded with the greatness and the word of God, hand by hand with Jesus our redeemer. So that they may learn to stand up and fight the battles and the attacks of the enemy.

The enemy has a weapon that can make us fall. It is the sin that we inherited from our original parents Adam and Eve. But Jesus overcame sin and has given us the victory over sin. Our fight must be hand by hand with Jesus, otherwise we will faint at the minimum attack of the evil of this world.

Family prayer is one of the strongest weapons against the enemy. Reading and sharing the word of God is our guide to safer grounds. And last and for most, practice righteousness being loyal and true to yourself and to others so that your sinful nature will be replaced with goodness through the grace and mercy of God.

But if you ever find yourself struggling to do what is right, then stop what you doing and get on your knees and call for help from our redeemer. I guarantee you that if your call upon his name is sincere, he will assist you in a twinkle of an eye.

Just like we eat and breath to survive, just like that we need Jesus in our spiritual lives to survive. So make an effort to know and follow Jesus and his teachings if you haven’t yet. He is the only way to holiness and to God our father in heaven.

And by the way, this word is also for me. I am just a humble messenger.

God bless you and keep you safe all the days of your life. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen!

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