Exodus 11 - powerful reflection in today’s crazy world

Sometimes we are so caught up into ourselves that we definitely wont let go. But God speaks even to the stone and it hears his rebuke and calling to repentance if He wants.


Pharaoh riches and power made his heart like a stone, still he could hear and sense the calling of God to repentance. This we can read throughout Exodus 5-12… But Pharaoh thought he could get away with his wrong doings. Pharaoh didn’t care about the wrath of God upon his kingdom, he thought Moses would be there every time to intreat to God and save Egypt.

One of the sign that Pharaoh didn’t care about what God was doing to Egypt is that he didn’t try to come to God himself, as that was far too risky.

You see, when we personally come to God repented, this is the first step to a great change God’s way.

Pharaoh showed repentance to Moses and asked him to intreat to God so that God’s hands will move away from punishing Egypt. He never once comes to God himself. This applies today also, as Christians need to have a personal encounter and relationship with God just like Moses did.

No one can intercede unto God for us but ourselves, personally, always in the name of Jesus, our redeemer. This shows respect, honor and reverence to our one and only creator and father in heaven.

Pharaoh held on to his own might, power and glory to the point that God slapped him and his people in their faces. They all lost their first born. Even so Pharaoh heart was still hard as stone. He and his people chased the Israelis after given his word to free them. But God stretched out his mighty hands and ended the drama.


God’s is willing to do what it takes to free those who honor and obey him. Glory is to God in Jesus Holy Name. Amen 

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