Do not judge, accuse and condemn each other... you are pointing at the wrong target

Is there a problem or a negative situation between two or more? What are they doing to fix the issue? Do not judge or accuse or condemn your next, said Jesus, because this is the work of the enemy manifesting in such respond, and the way we judge we will be judged.
The self-righteous (me/I) would answer to this, but I am not doing anything or saying anything. I am innocent. However, I am still not at peace. Why this? Well, it is not about not doing anything, it is all about a healthy and sound relation and confrontation between the parts, in love and understanding, fulfilling all righteousness in the regard/misunderstanding, through the mighty word of God.
So, it is the word of God that will set rules and boundaries to reach mutual understanding and respect and consideration for your next in a lawless world.
Oh, if I could just do this myself, well, even knowing all these things, I have no strength to do righteousness. But the word of God tells me that there is a way, Jesus is my way, Jesus is my strength to do righteousness before the mighty presence of God my father and creator. My task is to make the first step even when nothing make sense. That first step is called repentance from my sinful and arrogant life towards God's word.
The word of God tells us that Jesus has overcome the world, the devil, and the flesh, when God lifted him up from among the dead to the everlasting glorious life.
Glory is to God our father and to Jesus our king, who God has uplifted to the highest and everlasting throne of all times. Amen and Amen.

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