Bring them to Jesus (Matthew 19:14)

One of the greatest lies the enemy of our soul has ever invented is that children get exhausted and confused with the word and understanding of God.


My son has been under spiritual attacks even before his existence. In 2011 i was told by a gynaecologist that I would probably not be able to bare a child if I do not try to become pregnant within two years after my surgery. And at that time, I didn’t even have a boyfriend.


But then (God?) provided me a ‘Christian husband’ in a ‘Christian country’. Here perverted minded people have wished and tried in many ways to hinder me from getting pregnant. Finally, in 2018 when my little one was in my womb, they made my life a living hell. On the day of my baby’s birth my baby ended up in intensive care unit because he was almost dying. And with all this long harassment of the enemy upon the arrival of my son, God has never left us/him. He is here to stay and grow old, until God Himself decide it. My son has enemies today without any cause, but God’s love is greater than our enemies. Is not all this enough reason to place him under the protection of God through Jesus Christ?


So, there is no doubt the enemy of our souls had tried to hinder his arrival and existence. But why? In Matthew 19:14 Jesus says: Let the children come to me. But the world says, no, not yet they are too small. But let me tell you something, a child must be presented to the Lord from the womb. This is the only way we can ensure the promise that God has given to us in Proverbs 22:6. And according to science given to mankind by the knowledge of God, a child best time for training that brings good fruits, is between 0-8 years of age. And I would prologue it to 12, which is the age, according to the Holy Scriptures, where Jesus started preaching the Gospel in the synagogue. So, in my analysis and understanding of the word of God, between 0-12 years would be the ideal ages, where we can fully fulfil what God commands us in Ephesians 6:4.


I personally have been dragged all over by not been able to understand all this myself. To begin, I have been seeking help from family members, priest and Christian’s fellows who only assures me, I am making my little one life exhausted. He needs to make friends… he needs to play… he needs to be away from you and be taking care of by others… these are some of the answers I get. But as I pray the Holy Spirit guides me and say – listen to the voice within you – the voice of reason and sound mind. And then I look at my little one and realises that all he really wants is us/his parents and close family (mainly grandparents), not friends on his age. He do not have a clue of what it means to make friends and he do not need them as yet. There is no better playing times he could ever enjoy, than learning meaningful things with mom and dad in the home and out in the garden. He loves making bread and wetting the vegetables we have planted together in the garden. And despite the world and the rules of the system, there is one thing that is totally clear to me – my little one is not fully equipped to face the Herod that awaits every child out in the wild and crazy world. And with saying all this, I am not saying that he doesn’t play with his toys or uses his fantasies to imagine his world. He has plenty of room for this, glory is to God. The truth is, it is our task as parents to equip our little ones from an early age to face the world.


Luke 2:41-52 shows us a picture of Mary’s perfect, true and sound motherhood and delicate care for Jesus’s wellbeing. But then she realised that the seed of the word of God she planted in her child’s heart was giving its fruit. Glory is to God. And when I hear my little one talking with God, spontaneously, it just gives me more and more courage to tell him and teach him God’s words. Thus I pray always that I may find favour in Father God’s sight to be of a great and strong example to him in God’s way and not my way or the worlds way. I want to grow old in the peace of God. And I want to hear and feel a blessed WELLDONE from God on my departure from this world to meet with our Father in Heaven.


Small sentences such as:

  • ‘Dear God, help me with my skin itching.’ One night just as he was about to fall asleep.
  • ‘Dear Jesus, I am afraid/I felt and hit my knees’ Just reminds me of the simplicity of prayer. We do not need to say much, just deliver our fear and pains.
  • And today (10 of June 2022), as I explained him with fear in my heart that he couldn’t understand me, that whenever we get angry, we tend to do and say things that are wrong and unapproved by God. Because the aim of God is that we live happy in understanding with each other. Then he asked, and what does God say when we behave like such? Then I replied: ‘God get sad and expects and apology, then we can say to God – forgive me God.’ And as I was moving on to extend my explanation and how we are forgiving by the gift in Jesus, I watched him look to the roof very quietly and thoughtfully and then suddenly said: ‘Dear God forgive me’. This rejoiced my heart, as it is an answer to me from God that I must not be afraid to bring my child to the feet of Jesus through the word of God.


Dear and beloved Father in Heaven. Grant me with the gift of being a godly mother through Jesus my Saviour and Redeemer. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen!



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