Babylon (poems of admonition, By Daisy McLean) Winter 2021

Babylon (poems of admonition, By Daisy McLean) Winter 2021


Babylon, babylon … why have you turned your back to the one and true God?

Our cities are on fire with criminality, death, and depressed and dement young fellows.

In the north people are being hunted and killed by arrows. Has someone gotten confused in the hunt? No, not at all. The enemy of our souls knows exactly what he is doing. In the west, the rich men exploit the poor men. Is this strange to you? Is not the west the medium class people who are ok in their pockets? Is it colonisation or mental slavery? The Swedish band – The Flower Kings explain it in their song – Slave to Money. Again, the enemy of our souls knows exactly what he is doing. In the east religion is causing destruction. Fighting in the name of what? I do not get it at all. Stop the madness. God is love. In the south men are scarce, dying and disappearing like dead flies in the wilderness on the famous trip of hell.

Our churches are turned into show-stages for spectacles, markets for money collection and fest-art-museums. Where do we study, analyse and practice the Holy Scriptures? Is there even one faithful church?

Our schools and educational places are indoctrinated into the standards and systems of the world, and against the living word of God; and against God our creator himself.

We have profaned the holly sacraments and have treated God’s holy work and word with irreverence. What does Confirmation has to do with money and gift collection, rum drinking, hurray and parties: Come-on: Respect to the Holy sacrament, to God and to the ‘Yes(?)’ you claim you are giving to Jesus.

We are destroying our homes with a simple act of heartbreak and lack of love. Well, ‘the wisemen of the world’ says that love is only for the week, the poor and the fool. Seriously? Give me a break. This is nonsense and unreasonable ‘Wisemen’.

We have legalised cigarette, alcohol, cannabis, abort, created death penalty, and you name it; knowing that life is a precious gift from God and not a plaything.

We eat, drink, and live recklessly, tied up and nourishing our bad habits, even when falling face way and dying by them. How wise are you anyway – wisemen? Or may I serenade you the song of the wise- vs foolish men. Well, though it is not what goes-in that defiles us, healthy and long life does not come by magic.


Oh! Be unto you Babylon when the consequences of your choices have turned back on you. It will be like a soul in fire with no resting place or water to quench your thirst. Unless we turn back to God our father, we will not find peace of mind. We all have fell and come short from the grace of God. But the time is today… rectify our ways! God mercy exceeds it all. However, the seeds you plant and keep on nourishing will bring its harvest on the day of judgment. So, if you have planted hatred root it up. And if you have planted lack of self-control, take charge now. And if you have planted any fruit of the flesh, root them all up by the mighty power of Jesus. Ask in Jesus Name and prepare your soil for good fruits.


God bless you in the name of Jesus. Amen!

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