A sublime invitation to true life

Yesterday at church has been a very special day. God has remade me the invitation to follow Him through Jesus our redeemer and Saviour. What I want to say, is that the message in church has really touched me. God want to heal my wounded heart. To love like Jesus was a great part of the message, and I felt very sad but have received the admonition from our Father in Heaven through His word. God has reminded me, that humanly, I am not capable of loving others. And this word has touched me so deep inside. It is so true and clear, as it has always been. And though it is something I have considered through studying the word of God, I was not aware of how important this is for my salvation, for my inner peace and for my entire life.


Jesus is the answer to my/our cripple sides. I/we can only do all the impossible things through Jesus. He is the answer to changing the bitterness in my heart for joy and peace of mind. But the question of the million is: Have I received this message a bit too late? Am I so bitter that nothing can sweetened my heart? How do I love when so much hurt has penetrated my soul and have turned my heart into stone? The answer again is, JESUS. He said in John 14:13, whatever you ask the Father in my Name, it will be granted onto you. What a wonderful promise, ent? But then, what happen if I don’t want to love again? How do I embrace the invitation? And can I say yes to the invitation without compromising my ego and my pride? The truth is, NO, I can’t. There is no space for negotiation with God’s established word and law of love. Well, doing it that way, Proverbs 16:5 say that “The LORD detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.” Dear God, forgive me and help to free my heart and soul from the fruits of the flesh.


Being proud and hurt assures me that I can take care of the situation on my own strength, and this is wrong. Being proud and hurt makes my heart grow hard like stone, and this is not good for me. Well, in my proudness and hurt I can’t think of anything else but of defending myself in front of men, and this brings me down to sinful behaviours. It also makes me feel the urge to pay back all attack with the same behaviour and attitude in which I have received them, and this is not good for my relationship with God, or for my integrity, or for my self respect, or do not take me anywhere out of the situation. Instead, it has dug me further in to the wilderness and bitterness.


But God has remade me the invitation to be at rest and surrounded and washed in His love and mercy. He knows me more than I do. He knows I am tired and that only He can bring me rest through Jesus Christ. He loves me more than anyone could ever love me. He is my Creator and God forever and ever in the unity of Jesus Christ my Redeemer and Saviour.


So, I am ready for freedom though my flesh is troublesome and holding on to bitterness. Therefore, I am asking you to free me from myself wonderful and merciful God. Free me from useless fights within myself and with others. Teach me to love the way you want me to love. Teach me to love myself first so I can love others. Because loving myself (by losing myself) is choosing to follow You overall. Is choosing to be in Your Holy presence and dwell there forever. Is choosing Jesus as my personal Saviour and Guide throughout my entire life. Is knowing and accepting that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light that will guide me and my household to you my Creator and Father. So, please give me way to Jesus, as Jesus said, ‘No one come to me if the Father haven’t approved it’ (John 6:44). Teach me to live in unity and love just as You and Jesus does.


Thank you for Your servant, Trold, and the mission he is carrying out for the sake of Your Word and Love and Mercy. Guide me with my new journey towards love, kindness, unity, and blessing in the unity of your mighty power through Jesus my redeemer. If it is Your will that I should remain in this place for rest, please hold my hands so I can walk the valley. I ask you all this in Jesus Holy Name. Amen!

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