A letter to DH – Thanking God for making the impossible possible

DH, you asked me a couple of time: Why do I still love you after all we have been through?

My answer to that is, I don’t know… I keep asking myself the same question as well, but all I know is that my heart is at peace despite all. I think often of the great promise and commitment we made to each other on that special day. I question my actions towards the situation and how would God judge me for not taking the bow to the sacrament of matrimony seriously enough to forgive and forget my pride, so I can remain in the peace and grace of Christ. I ask God constantly if I am doing his will or mine. I pray to God for the spirit of perseverance, love, respect, and patience, because I simple cannot do this on my own. Humanly, I would have been out along time ago, but I have been blessed with the Holy and Precious gift of prayer, which is the navel string through which I am constantly nourished, blessed and equipped to remain in the peace and love of God.


But the fact above all is that God has chosen us. He has chosen us to complement each other. He has chosen us to do his will. He has chosen us to raise our/His son A. Wesley. And it is mainly because of A. Wesley that we need to change our ways and turn back to God through Jesus our redeemer, so that tomorrow we will see the fruits of our good examples of love and respect and Honor.


Thank you, Father in Heaven, for your unconditional love through Jesus our saviour and redeemer. Thank Him for our home and our precious gift – our little A. Wesley. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen!

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